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“That’s My Girl” by Rick Johnson (A Revell Blog Tour)

How a Father’s Love Protects and Empowers His Daughter

A father impacts every aspect of his daughter’s life–for her entire life. Fathers model for their daughters how women should be treated, how men should act, and how a man shows healthy love and affection toward a woman. And, perhaps most importantly, he sets the standard for how his daughter feels she deserves to be treated by men. It’s plain to see that this is a big responsibility and one that is not always easy to carry out.

In That’s My Girl, parenting expert Rick Johnson shows men how to develop the close relationships with their daughters that they both crave. Rick’s plainspoken common sense, wisdom, and humor meets dads right where they are with stories and advice that will change their relationships with their daughters for life.

Any man who wants to be the best dad possible to his daughter, as well as mothers and adult daughters seeking to understand the men in their lives, will love this hope-filled book.

Bio: Rick Johnson is the founder of Better Dads, a fathering skills program designed to inspire and equip men to be more engaged in the lives of their children. He develops and delivers inspirational training workshops and presentations across the country for organizations including businesses, churches, civic groups, social service agencies, hospitals, prisons, and schools.

He speaks at many large conferences across the US and Canada including MOPS International conventions, Promise Keepers Canada events, Design 4 Living women’s conferences, and Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conferences. Rick is a popular keynote speaker at men’s and women’s retreats and conferences on parenting and marriage. He is a nationally recognized expert in several areas having been asked to deliver papers at venues such as the 2007 County of Los Angeles Child Abuse Prevention Conference and the 2008 State of New York Fatherhood Conference.Prior to becoming a bestselling author and speaker, Rick was a small business owner for 16 years, owning and operating an environmental engineering firm. He attended George Fox University receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, and has a Masters in Education from Concordia University. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, has served on the Board of Directors for several community and business associations, and coaches high school basketball in his spare time. Rick has been featured in many national publications such as New Man Magazine,,, Christianity Today’s Men of Integrity, and Proverbs 31 Ministries Magazine.Rick has appeared on over 200 radio programs and television shows around the United States. He is the former co-host of a live, weekly radio show called, “An Hour of Honesty and Common Sense.”Rick and his wife Suzanne have two (nearly) adult children and live in Gresham, Oregon.
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My Review:

That’s My Girl by Rick Johnson is one of the most comprehensive books on father/daughter relationships and how that relationship affects a daughter’s life forever. Though Rick did not become a Christian until his children were eight and ten, God has used this man to encourage dads to become deeply involved with their daughters. An earthly father’s love displays the love of God the Father to girls. This is imperative for a girl to develop confidence and empower them to become the daughter of God that she was meant to become.

Does that mean every dad should be perfect? No! It means for them to seek God and His Word to guide their daughters in Godly virtues.

The chapter titles include:

  • What are little girls made of–biological and psychological make-up
  • Her father’s influence–the power of a father words
  • Communicating with the female species–how to listen
  • Bonding with girls–time and healthy affection
  • What a girl needs from her father–unconditional love and truth
  • Danger, Will Robinson!–emotional health
  • Protecting her–physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually
  • Uh-Oh! She’s becoming a woman–her virtue and your views on dating issues
  • Character training–character traits all girls need
  • The Father Blessing–spiritual development and the father blessing

All these titles may seem familiar, but Rick’s comments and examples address the issues much more deeply than I even expected. His book is personal and profound. This is a must-read for all men and fathers.

The only topic I would have liked to have seen included is homosexuality. It’s rampant today, and God has very strong commands on the matter.

I am also aware of another book by this author that would follow suit with this one, which I have not read yet, but will–That’s My Son. So if you need more guidance in raising your children, or your church is doing a class on parenting, I feel confident in recommending Rick’s books.

This book was provided by Donna Hausler, Publicity Assistant, Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was exchanged.

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