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Review: "Fear to Freedom" by Rosemary Trible


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Fear to Freedom: What if you did not have to be so afraid?

Rosemary Trible


ISBN: 978-1-935265-09-2/240 pages/$1495/February 2010

VMI Publishers

Does fear hold you back from living with freedom and confidence? Does anxiety rob your joy?

Rosemary Trible was a successful young woman, a television talk-show host with a husband on his way to becoming a US Congressman, when she was savagely raped at gunpoint after her show on rape. Even though she recovered physically, she found that her attacker had not only brutally violated her, he had stolen her joy and her ability to live without terror and fear.

Fear to Freedom provides practical tools from Rosemary’s own life and the transformed lives of others and discusses sexual assault, terror, forgiveness, and healing. It’s about big dreams, the death of dreams, and becoming bold enough to dream again and make a difference in the world for good.

Rosemary’s story will elicit tears, but also laughter. It’s easy to read, passionate and real. It will appeal to people who are hungry for the presence of God. It also features the stories of young women Rosemary has mentored through eating disorders, sexual violation, depression and bitterness, encouraging readers to begin their own healing process.

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Rosemary, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, has been married to Paul Trible since 1971. They have two children, Mary Katherine Peters, a marketing executive married to Barrett Peters, who is pursuing his degree in dentistry, and Paul III, who has completed his MBA at Oxford University and is starting his own business, Ledbury, custom men’s shirts. On top of the list of answered prayers is a new grandbaby on the way! Visit for additional infomation.

My Review:

Other than some differences in theology, Fear to Freedom is one very personal biography of Rosemary Trible’s brutal rape which she allowed God to turn to healing, and then turns the rape incident around and decidedly reaches out to really help women turn their issues over to God. I enjoyed Rosemary’s transparency, her personal insights, steps to forgiveness, ‘journey to joy’ section, and her in-depth devotional guide. She hits all the steps of healing. I found her book very sensitive and personal. I can feel her heart for women throughout the whole book. For that, I give her book a very high rating and recommendation.

This book was provided by Paula Krapf, Chief Operating Officer, at Author Marketing Experts, Inc., for my honest review of Fear to Freedom. My thanks.

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