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"Faith Path" by Mark Mittelberg

FAITH PATH: Helping Friends find their way to Christ

Faith Path (Workbook & DVD) by Mark Mittelberg

David C Cook

Workbook-ISBN: 978-1-4347-6513-0/softcover/128 pages/$12.99

DVD-ISBN: 978-1-4347-6514-7/$24.99

Many Christians cringe at the thought of talking with non-Christians about faith. It’s almost like trying to explain music to a deaf person or a painting to someone who is blind. But one important thing any Christian can do is understand their friends–listen to them and consider how they think. Then it becomes possible to truly communicate God’s truth.

Now there is an exciting new resource for church groups and individuals with a heart to more effectively engage unbelievers in faith conversations. Based on Mark Mittelberg’s book Choosing Your Faith, the eight-lesson Faith Path workbook and Faith Path DVD, are designed to be used in a group and build on Mittelberg’s sensible, evenhanded approach to evangelism.

“Faith. Everybody lives by it–even skeptics and atheists! That’s right. Everyone you know trusts something they believe in but can’t prove or know absolutely. They take it on faith,” Mittelberg says. “If you want to talk to your friends about your faith, it helps to understand what they believe and how they got there. Because badgering people to change their minds just doesn’t work.”

DVD segments include teaching from Mittelberg, as well as short interviews with fascinating people talking about the faith paths they were on before they came to Christ. Approaches such as relativism, traditionalism, mysticism, authoritarianism, and others are explored. Interviews seen on the DVD are then discussed in a thought-provoking, enjoyable group format, as well as in workbook entries. Among other things, participants will learn to recognize the danger of paths that lead away from Christ and will deepen their own faith in Christ and reinforce their reasons for believing.

No other DVD/workbooks exist for Choosing Your Faith (workbook includes leader’s guide materials), so Faith Path–with live interviews–promises to set new trends for learning how to engage other in spiritual conversations.

“Relativists, traditionalists, mystics, authoritarians, and others…they’re all here. And after you understand how these folks think about faith, you can help them find a trustworthy pathway to truth,” Mittelberg says. “Because no matter what your friends believe, they still matter to God.”

Mark Mittelberg

Author Bio:

Mark Mittelberg is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and a leading outreach strategist. He is the author of Choosing Your Faith, co-author (with Lee Strobel) of The Unexpected Adventure, and co-author (with Bill Hybels and Lee Strobel) of the Becoming a Contagious Christian curriculum. He previously served as the evangelism director for Willow Creek Community Church and the Willow Creek Association. Mark earned a master’s degree in philosophy of religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He lives in Southern California with his wife, Heidi, and their two teenage children.

My review:

I was intrigued with Mark Mettelberg’s explanation of the different faith paths: relativism, traditionalism, authoritarianism, intuitive, mystical, and evidential. His list of faith paths help to differentiate how people came to the basis of their faith, so that one can reason with them accordingly and lead them to Christ. He helped me to understand where I came from in my faith walk prior to receiving the Lord.

Along with this list of faith paths, he also addresses the “Arrows of Truth” that point to the sixth path, evidential, that help you clarify these truths. I found them to be helpful.

The last section helped me to understand the barriers people have to faith, and outlines how one can help their friends overcome them. Knowing these barriers, using the ‘arrows of truth,’ and knowing the different faith path one’s friend is on, in my opinion, is pertinent to pointing them to faith in Christ.

This is a very effective format for small groups or even larger Sunday School classes, to lead people to Christ. I did not read Mark’s book, Choosing Your Faith, but it’s one I think would be helpful with the discussions in this workbook and viewing the DVD. The only thing that was confusing to me was the lack of definition of some of the groups individually. They were clumped together in one chapter.

This workbook and DVD were provided free by Audra at The B & B Media Group, Inc., for my honest review. My purpose in reviewing is to encourage people to find good Christian materials to enhance their faith and pass it on to others. Thanks to Audra and B & B Media Group.


T. Anne said...

Thanx for the review I had not heard about this book before. it sounds like an invaluable tool in bringing others to Christ!

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Linda said...

It is a very good book. Reminds me of the Woman at the well. Jesus got to know her background before he spoke the truth to her. Thanks for following my blog.

Linda said...

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