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"Why Did God Give Us EMOTIONS" by Reneau Peurifoy, M.A.

A Biblical Perspective on What Science Has Discovered About Emotions

Why Did God Give Us Emotions?

In his book, Why Did God Give us Emotions?, Reneau Peurifoy stresses the importance of recognizing how the individual aspects of emotions interconnect. Emotions are complex and mysterious. They can bring us to heights of ecstasy down to the rocks of despair. They can bind us together or tear us apart. They move some to perform nobles acts of courage and self-sacrifice, while in others they are the force behinds terrible acts of evil and destruction.

Peurifoy focuses on four main aspects of emotions:

  • Their subjective nature
  • Their physical side
  • Their mental side, and
  • Their spiritual side.

Why Did God Give Us Emotions? addresses topics like:

  • Core Beliefs
  • The Window of the Soul
  • Emotions and God’s Will
  • How God Speaks to You (What Stops us From Hearing God?)
  • Emotions That Come Out of the Blue
  • Emotions That are “Taboo”
  • True Emotional Healing

From the very start Peurifoy had two goals in mind:

  • He wanted to look at what science has learned about emotions from a biblical perspective, and
  • He wanted to do it in a way that would strengthen the reader’s walk with God.

He states, “Over the last two decades, I’ve seen the strengths of science and psychology in helping people and making our lives more comfortable. I’ve also become acutely aware of the inability of science and psychology to address the true source of human misery: sin and our separation from God. I believe that God has helped me write a book that will be useful to many.”

My Review:

I feel that with Reneau Peurifoy accomplished his two goals in a very concise, yet easy-to-read method for individuals to comprehend. He has many subtitles to each of his chapters that capture the nature of each of his subjects. He doesn’t leave us with a ‘knowledge-only” book. He has recommended activities after each chapter that help you apply his principles while looking into your own emotional being, past and present, as well as God’s perspective.

His book also contains “discussion questions for small group study, provided along with guidelines for managing emotions more effectively so they glorify God, rather than bring Him disgrace.”

I definitely recommend this book as a good resource for anyone suffering from emotional issues, big or small. I am specifically excited that Peurifoy’s book is from a Godly perspective.

About Reneau Peurifoy:

Reneau Peurifoy holds a masters degree in counseling and attended Fuller Theological Seminary. His is the author of several books, including Anger: Taming the Beast, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic: Taking Charge and Conquering Fear, and Overcoming Anxiety: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Recovery.

Peurifoy is a frequents guest speaker for organizations, including the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), the nation’s primary organization for anxiety-related problems.

Peurifoy was in private practice for 20 years as a marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety disorders. He retired from this practice in 2000, and is currently teaching at Heald College in Sacramento, CA.


  • This is a book that could change your life. If you are struggling with issues that keep you chained to your past or insecurities and you want those chains gone get a copy of this one. – Kelly Klepfer More…
  • Why Did God Give Us Emotions? is most definitely not an overnight read, but rather a spiritual workbook that requires effort and insight – after all, you can’t expect an epiphany in the form of instant gratification, can you?
    The most outstanding characteristic of this book is its clarity. The author, Reneau Puerifoy, uses an allegory of how six blind men “see” an elephant as being a completely different object, depending on which part of its body they each feel: a leg; its tail; its trunk; its ear; its side; and a tusk. From what they feel, they, in turn, perceive the elephant as a pillar; a rope; the thick branch of a tree; a big fan; a huge wall; and a spear. In short. They all get it wrong.Lois Henderson More…
  • I felt this was an exceptional book for any Christian to read with the mission of understanding the many whys of our emotions. Each chapter has applications/activities that the reader can work through. The book would be excellent for individual use or group study. At the back of the book are suggestions for finding a church, developing a prayer life, and for further counseling. Small group discussion is provided in the back of the book as well.
    Some of the topics in this book are: the physical side of emotions, core beliefs, and emotions that are taboo. The book is not lengthy, it is not a textbook style book, it is easy for any lay person to read and understand. A Well Watered Garden More…
  • Reneau Peurifoy has done it again. Another insightful book on the human dilemma, done in his usual artful, instructive, and clear manner… Reneau is a gifted communicator, and helps make the seemingly complicated issues understandable to his readers. Why did God Give Us Emotions? is a strong tool in helping us mere mortals understand how to integrate a knowledge of God into our emotions. The reading of this book will reap rich benefits. Rev. N. Rhodes Pringle, Senior Pastor, Antelope Road Christian Fellowship, Citrus Heights, CA. More…
  • Finally! A Christian book that discusses, explores, and deals with emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and anger in a Biblical, scientific, and therapeutic way… I believe this book will show you how you can control and use your emotions in a way that glorifies God. Tony Donato, MS, MFT, LPC More…
  • Unlike other books which offer very little practical advice, this book is full of wisdom and insight the reader can immediately apply. I am certain many will find freedom within its pages. From beginning to end, it calls readers to contemplate God’s part in their emotions. I personally can’t wait to recommend this book to clients. I think it will make a wonderful complement to their therapeutic process. Krysta Dancy MA, MFTI More…
  • Your book undertakes a comprehensive and practical treatment of the subject that does not stoop to self-help trendiness and nostrums but instead takes a high road. You offer insights both from medicine and psychology as well as from scriptural study. Anyone who is looking for a broad and well-founded understanding of emotions and how to deal with them will find what they are looking for in your book.m Paul Hawley, Editorial Consultant More…
  • A wonderful book that everyone should read! …As a Christian, registered nurse I realize how difficult it can be to understand our emotions at times. Why Did God Give Us Emotions? helped me to look more deeply into myself for clarification of some of my emotions. After reading this book I am able to better understand patients and their emotions during their time of stress in the hospital. Barbara P., RN More…
  • Mr. Peurifoy has an astounding ability to get right to the heart of any matter, and his insights are profound. My husband and I have both read his books, did the recommended activities at the end of the chapters, and found our lives transformed. His latest book is a revelation, shining a light on the darkest corners of our emotions, and guiding us to a closer relationship with God. Rachael D. More…
  • The clarity of Mr. Peurifoy’s writing challenged me to grow in areas that I did not even realize were there! I so much enjoyed this book that I will continue to reread it. Jacquelyn N.More…

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