Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"The Sweet By and By" by Sara Evans w/Rachel Hauck

“The Sweet By and By” is a poignant story of love, dysfunction, wrong choices, anger, abandonment, heartbreak, bitterness, and multiple secrets haunting Jade Freedom Fitzgerald before she gets married to Maxwell (Max) Charles Benson.

Jade was born into the home of hippie parents, who later divorced, setting her up for abandonment issues and bitterness to run her life, and leaving Jade responsible to help raise her siblings, with the help of her grandmother, while her mother toured the country with multiple husbands for her own selfish ideals of life.

Underage, Jade and her high school boyfriend secretly marry, which was to be annulled once their parents found out. She makes a deadly decision that also haunts her for years to come. And, unfortunately, she finds herself still married to this young man just weeks before her marriage to Max.

Then Jade’s mother and younger sister come three weeks before the wedding. Untold secrets unfold, along with having to reconcile with her mother, dealing with a pushy mother-in-law-to-be, and run her vintage shop.

Oh, but God had a plan for her to reconcile with this decision and the years of estrangement from her parents, just as He is ready, waiting and willing to remedy your own issues! A quick read, but a great message of honesty and forgiveness.

You can purchase Sara’s book here and here. Check out the trailer about this new series.

This free book was provided by Thomas Nelson, Inc for the purpose of reviewing and blogging. I do this out of the pleasure of reading and sharing good books for others to read. My thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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