Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Make Love, Make War: Now Is the Time to Worship” by Brian Doerksen

Living a Life of Radical Worship

Award-winning songwriter, Brian Doerksen, shares insights behind some of the most beloved songs of our time as he provokes readers to love and war.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX–What is true worship? It can elevate us into the presence of God, renew and refresh our spirits, and offer the deepest expression of love for our Savior. Yet worship can also be a call to arms, a battle cry, a salvo in an ancient spiritual war that continues today. In his first book, Make love, Make War: Now Is the Time to Worship (David C Cook, August 2009), award-winning songwriter Brian Doerksen challenges Christians to make their lives an offering of radical worship.

An acclaimed songwriter, recording artist, author, conference speaker, and pastor, Doerksen believes God is calling us to love and to battle–to spread peace and wage spiritual warfare. ” Each is essential to our daily spiritual walk,” writes Doerksen. “We do this through how we live, how we serve Him and how we protect and fight for what matters most. One of the ways I make love and war is through music.”

In his first book, Brian shares the powerful stories behind some of the most influential worship songs of our time, including “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship”, “Refiner’s Fire”, and “Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)”. Brian’s hope and prayer is that the stories surrounding these songs and the truths they sing will awaken your heart to ‘Make Love & War’ for the glory of God! While offering special tips for aspiring songwriters, he also reveals rich truths and insights about the nature of God and His calling for us.

Doerksen believes “we know love and war are at the heart of everything inside us, and everything going on all around us. We sense that there is nothing that Satan hates more than the worship of Yahweh by those who are faithful to the Lamb. He spends more than a little energy convincing us that there really is not a war going on, and that the sum total of our lives’ calling is to be nice. But God is provoking us to rise up and fight. The war He calls us to make is always for the sake of love.”

Author Bio

Briand Doerksen has always had a passion for expressing worship through music. He is an award-winning songwriter of some of today’s songs of worship. He has also just completed co-writing a musical (a 7 year process!) with Christopher Greco (a playwright based in Boston) based on Luke 15 called Prodigal God, ‘a tale of 2 sons and one wastefully extravagant father’. It’s the story of the prodigal son and his father seen through the eyes of the elder brother. The musical features more than 20 new songs written or co-written by Brian. The recording of the music will be released 2010.

He and his family (wife of 25 years Joyce, and 6 children) live in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

My Review

Make Love, Make War has been one of the most enriching books I’ve read in a very long time. I learned much about the heart of this man, his devotion to God and family, his intimate and intense love for God and the His Church (The Bride), and his musical works. He has a specific purpose for writing each and every song. The reasons may surprise you. I know I delighted in them.

Although I have no background in music, Brian’s life history behind his songs have been an inspiration to me. To top it off, you get some thoroughly in-depth teachings about who God is, little nuggets of truth throughout the book. He also shares song-writing tips to aspiring musicians and current worship leaders.

This is one book everyone should have on their shelf to read. It will give you a greater insight into the words of the songs and inspire you to respond in love and/or war.

I received this book free from The B & B Media Group, Inc., for the express purpose of reading and reviewing this book. I do this for the express purpose of encouraging others to read great books. My thanks to B & B for the privilege of doing so.

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