Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Field of Danger" by Ramona Richards

Although this book is cast as a Love-Inspired Suspense, I would categorize it as a Love-Inspired Thriller!

The danger is so intense, partly because Levon Rivers’ murder happened during broad daylight in open farmland next to a cornfield and partly because April Presley witnessed the murder first hand. Her hand-covered screams caught the killer’s attention, and as he chased her through the cornfield, a neighboring lady, Aunt Suke, came and rescued her.

During all the subsequent questionings by Sheriff Ray Taylor and others, she only remembers a blur of the person; it happened so fast, and she was concentrating on escaping the killer.

Daniel Rivers, a deputy sheriff, wants to know who killed his father, and he believes April remembers more than she’s saying, but only needs some extra prodding to bring out the memory.

The killer is stalking April surreptitiously, and they need to find the truth before the killer finds her. Even Daniel gets shot in the midst of all the chaos; a bullet that was meant for April. Daniel is the only one she trusts to keep her safe. Would their faith uphold them in the midst of such evil?

This was one book I could not put down til I found out who did it and why. It’s powerfully written with many plots and twists to keep you guessing and gripping your seat until the end! I grew up on a farm and always felt safe out in the field–until now!

I want to thank Ramona for a free copy of her book for review. I review books for the sole purpose of encouraging people to read good fiction.

Can be purchased here or here.

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